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Punjab Budget 2020: FM presents Rs 1.54 lakh crore budget; Education sector gets Rs 13,092 crore, Rs 12,526 crore for agriculture 2020-21

The Punjab government on Friday presented a Rs 1.54 lakh crore budget for the financial year 2020-21 in the state assembly.

ਇਸ ਮੌਕੇ ਮੁਲਾਜ਼ਮਾਂ ਦੀ ਸੇਵਾ-ਮੁਕਤੀ ਦੀ ਉਮਰ 60 ਸਾਲ ਤੋਂ ਘਟਾ ਕੇ 58 ਸਾਲ ਕਰ ਦਿੱਤੀ ਹੈ। ਖ਼ਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਮੰਤਰੀ ਨੇ ਕਿਹਾ ਕਿ ਅਜਿਹਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੀ ਵਿੱਤੀ ਹਾਲਤ ਠੀਕ ਹੋਣ ਕਾਰਨ ਕੀਤਾ ਹੈ।

Presenting the budget, Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal announced debt waiver to landless farm labourers and added that a sum of Rs 520 crore has been set aside for the same.

Badal announced six per cent dearness allowance to the state government employees from March this year and said the government will implement the 6th Pay Commission recommendations in 2020-21.

Badal further said ‘mandi fee’ — the fee levied on the sale and purchase of agriculture produce — on fruits and vegetables will be reduced from four per cent to one per cent.

The minister also announced to waive Change of Land Use (CLU) charges for two years.
In the budget, Badal proposed revenue receipts of Rs 88,004 crore and revenue expenditure of Rs 95,716 crore for fiscal year 2020-21.

Here are the highlights from Punjab’s Budget presentation:

ਪੰਜਾਬ ‘ਚ ਨਵੀਂ ਭਰਤੀਆਂ ਜਲਦ ਕਰਾਂਗੇ: ਮਨਪ੍ਰੀਤ ਬਾਦਲ 

ਬਿਨਾਂ ਜ਼ਮੀਨ ਵਾਲੇ ਖੇਤ ਮਜ਼ਦੂਰਾਂ ਦਾ ਕਰਜ਼ਾ ਮੁਆਫ ਕਰਨ ਲਈ 520 ਕਰੋੜ ਰੁਪਏ ਰੱਖੇ ਰਾਖਵੇਂ

Freedom fighters to get one out of turn tubewell connection; three per cent reservation in house allotment; they are not to pay any toll tax on state highways.

Rs 650 crore for rejuvenation of Buddha nallah; Rs 60 crore for rejuvenation of chotti and badi nadi in Patiala

5,000 EWS houses to be built for urban poor

Rs 1,705 crore for providing subsidised power to SCs, BPL and freedom fighters

Rs 100 crore for Border Area Development and Kandi Area Development programme

Allocation for education (grant in aid) in Universities increased by 6 per cent.

A law college to be set up at Patti and an open university in Patiala

19 new ITIs to be established at a cost of Rs 75 crore; Rs 41 crore allocated for government polytechnics at 5 places.

Rs 15 crore allotted for ICUs in all district hospitals.

Ludhiana and Amritsar get Rs 104 crore and Rs 76 crore under smart city project

4,150 additional classrooms to be constructed at a cost of Rs 100 crore.

Rs 75 crore allotted for repair of unsafe school buildings

259 government senior secondary smart schools to get 10 KW solar plants.

Rs 100 crore allotted for digital education in government school classroom

Education in government schools would be free of cost up to class 12. Earlier, education up till class 8 was free and only girls students had free access to education till class 12. Now all children to get free education.

Rs 25 crore allotted for starting the celebration for the 400th birth anniversary of Guru Teg Bahadur

Funding of social security scheme increased from Rs 2,165 crore to Rs 2,388 crore.

Old age homes to be set up in each district of Punjab

Rs 131 crore for up-gradation of all industrial focal points

Rs 2,267 crore for providing power subsidy to industry

Rs 148 crore for skill development

Rs 25 crore allocated for the strengthening of cattle pound infrastructure to solve the problem of stray cattle menace

Rs 100 crore for rolling out the smartphones for youth scheme

Rs 324 crore allocated for employment generation

Rs 2,000 crore allocated for crop loan waiver, including Rs 520 crore for farm labourers

Rs 200 crore allocated for agriculture diversification. Government to promote Maize; sugar mills at Gurdaspur and Batala to be upgraded. Rs 100 crore allocated for providing support to sugarcane farmers.

New horticulture estates to be set up at Amritsar, Pathankot, Kotkapura and Patiala.

Power subsidy of Rs 8,275 allocated to farmers in 2020-21

Two new agricultural colleges to be set up in Gurdaspur and Balachaur

‘Paani bachao paisa kamao’ scheme to be extended for giving direct benefit transfer of electricity to the agriculture sector. Scheme to be extended to cover 244 feeders.

Rs 3,830 crore allocated for Rural development, Urban development gets Rs 5,026 crore.

Badal says that 16 state government departments have prepared a 4-year strategic action plan and release of funds to these departments will be based on this.

The agriculture sector gets Rs 12,526 crore allocation, while the Education sector gets Rs 13,092 crore in the budget.

Rs 4,675 crore allocated for the health sector: FM Badal

The revenue receipts of the state have increased by 18.96 per cent from 2019-2020 to 2020-21: FM Badal.

The GDSP ratio reduced from 42.75 per cent to 39.83 per cent. FM says it will further reduce to 38.53 per cent by March 2021.

Badal said that there was a funding gap of over Rs 10,000 crore in the budget in 2017. The funding gap in 2019 was 2,323 crore. He said that the gap has been reduced to zero this year. This has been possible after the year 2006.

FM has increased the expenditure on salaries and pensions by Rs 4,000 crore. This is mainly to account for releasing the pending arrears of DA and for the new pay scales to be announced.

6 per cent of DA arrears will be released within next week. The pay commission report will be implemented and has been accounted for in the budget.

Revenue receipts for 2020-21 will be Rs 95,716 crore, up from Rs 73,975 crore in 2019-2020

Farm labourers will get Rs 520 crore for debt relief in 2020-21

Punjab’s debt is expected to go up to a whopping Rs 2.48 lakh crore by March 2021.

FM announced that the retirement age of employees will be reduced to 58, withdrawing the practice of giving extension in service. He says this will enable the government to recruit youth.

Manpreet Singh Badal started his Budget Speech.

Manpreet Singh reaches Punjab Assembly after a delay because of the gherao of his house by SAD leaders.

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Released by The Ministry for Environment, Forests and Climate Change .
Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (Goverment of India) :- Prakash Javadekar
• ISFR is a biennial publication of Forest Survey of India (FSI), an organization under the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change.
Department of Forest and Wildlife (Punjab)
Department of Forest and Wildlife Preservation
ਵਣ ਅਤੇ ਜੰਗਲੀ ਜੀਵ ਸ ੁੱਰਖਿਆ ਖਵਭਾਗ Agency overview
Minister responsible
• Minister for Forests and Wildlife
Sadhu Singh Dharamsot (INC Member and elected from Nabha constituency of Punjab)
According to ISFR Report 2019 published by FRI Punjab has only 1,849 sq km area under forest cover which is 3.67% of its total geographical area of 50,362 sq km under forest, Punjab – an agricultural state predominantly with 83% of its total area under cultivation – has the second lowest forest cover among the states.
Only Haryana, which is also an agricultural state, has a lower forest cover at 3.62% of its geographical area.
With major portion of the land under agriculture in Punjab, there is limited scope to increase the area under forests except by bringing the wastelands and degraded lands.
Among the districts Hoshiarpur has maximum forest area under Punjab.
Type of Protected Area
1) National Park – None
2) Wildlife Sanctuary – 13
3) Zoological Park – 1
4) Tiger Safari -1
5) Dear Park (mini Zoo) -3
6) Community Reserve- 3
7) Conservative Reserves – 4
8) Wetlands -21
Wildlife Sanctuaries
There are 13 wildlife sanctuaries duly notified in the State. The sanctuary is declared for the purpose of protecting, propagating, for devloping wildlife or its environment. The important features of these Sanctuaries (Protected Areas) are briefly described as below:-
1. Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary
●This Sanctuary is situated In Patiala district and is spread over 654.00 ha of Government area.
● Animal Black Buck, Chital, Hog Deer, Blue Bull, Wild Boar, Jackal, Rhesus Monkey, etc. are found here in this Sanctuary area.
●A Deer park is also situated in this Sanctuary area.
● The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary on 28th feb 1952 under the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Rules, 1896
2. Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary
●Bir Gurdialpura Sanctuary is situated in Patiala district and is spread over 620.53 ha of Government area.
● Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Hog Deer, Rhesus Monkey, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges, Dove and Spotted owlet etc. are found here in this Sanctuary area.
● This sanctuary was first declared as Wildlife Sanctuary in 2003.
3. Bir Bhunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary
● This Sanctuary is situated in Patiala district is spread over 661.66 ha of Government area.
●A number of old Shisham & Kikar trees are found in the Sanctuary area which provide good habitat to wildlife.
●Hog Deer, Blue Bull, Porcupine, Black Buck, Sambar, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Rhesus Monkey, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges, Dove and Spotted owlet etc. are found here in this Sanctuary area.
● The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1952 under the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Rules,
4. Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary
●The name of Bir Mehas refers to village Mehas, which is located adjacent to the Bir.
●The Santuary is situated adjacent to Nabha town on Nabha-Malerkotla Road and is spread over 123.43 ha of Government area that falls in tehsil Nabha of District Patiala.
● The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary under the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Rules, in 28-2-1952.
●Inspite of local people pressure and other disturbances, this sanctuary harbours many wildlife species such as Rhesus Monkey, Jungle Cat, Peacock, Blue Bull, Jackal, Black and Grey Partridges etc.
5. Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary
● Bir Dosanjh wildlife sanctuary is also situated adjacent to Nabha and is spread over 517.59 ha of Government area that falls in tehsil Nabha of District Patiala.
● The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary under the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Rules, in 28-2-1952.
● Blue bull, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Rhesus Monkey, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges etc. are found here in this Sanctuary area.
6. Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary
●This Sanctuary falls in district Patiala and is located on the left side of Nabha- Bhadson-Gobindgarh Road.
●This Sanctuary is spread over 1,022.63 ha of Government area.
● The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary under the Preservation of Faunae of Patiala Rules, 1896 in 28-2-1952.
●It harbours many wildlife species such as Blue Bull, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Rhesus Monkey, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges, Hare, Spotted owlet etc.
7. Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary
●Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 3 Km from Sangrur city in District Sangrur.
● This Sanctuary is spread over 264.40 ha of Government area.
● The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary under the Preservation of Faunae of Patiala Rules, 1896 in 28-2-1952.
●It harbours wildlife species like Blue Bull, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Rhesus Monkey, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges, Hare, Spotted owlet etc.
● An Environment Chetna Kendra also exists in this Sanctuary area.
8. Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary
●This Sanctuary is located 8 km. from Abohar city in district Ferozepur.
●This Sanctuary is famous for Black Buck and covers an area of 18,650.00 ha.
● The entire area of Sanctuary is private or community owned land of 13 Bishnoi villages.
●This Sanctuary was first declared as Wildlife Sanctuary 07.9.2000.
●Black Buck and Blue Bull are the main wildlife species found in this sanctuary area.
● An interpretation center exists in this Sanctuary area where awareness about wildlife preservation is provided to the
9. Harike Wildlife Sanctuary
●This Sanctuary is spread over 8,600.00 ha of Government area that falls in Ferozepur, Taran Tarn and Kapurthala Districts.
● Harike Sanctuary is a Ramsar site of International importance declared on 23/03/1990.
10. Takhni Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary
●This Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 15 km. from Hoshiarpur . This Sanctuary is spread over 382.00 ha of Government area that falls in District Hoshiarpur.
● This Sanctuary is situated at the foot – hills of Shiwalik Range of Himalayas .
● Barking Deer, Pangolin, Python, Hog Deer, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Mongoose, Wild Boar, Rat Snake and Kalij Pheasant are found in this Sanctuary.Takhni-Rehmapur area in Hoshiarpur was first declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 8.6.1999.
11. Jhajjar-Bachauli Wildlife Sanctuary
●This Sanctuary is situated 15 Km. from Anandpur Sahib city in the Government forest area of District Rupnagar. It has an area of 116.00 ha .
● This area was first declared as Wildlife Sanctuary vide Punjab Government in 1998 and final notification was issued vide Punjab Government Notification in 2003.
●Sambar, Barking Deer, Hare, Jackal, Python, Cobra, Rat snake, Leopard (migratory) etc. are found here in this Sanctuary area.
12. Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuar
●This Sanctuary is located on the new bye pass of Amritsar–Jammu Highway in Tehsil Pathankot of District Gurdaspur.
● This sanctuary is spread over 758.40 ha of Government protected forest area .
● This area was notified as Wildlife Sanctuary in 28.06.2007.
●The sanctuary has good population of different deer species.
13. Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary
● This sanctuary is located on the 15 km from Anandpur Sahib city in Ropar.
●This sanctuary is spread over 116 ha.
● This area was notified as Wildlife Sanctuary in 2009.
●Main wildlife species found in the sanctuary are Sambar, Barking deer,Hare, Jackal, Python, Cobra, Rat snake, Leopard (migratory) etc.
● As per forest classification the sanctuary falls under the Dry Deciduous Forest type.
Community Reserves
In Punjab there are 3 Community Reserves- the first ever-notified in India. The total area under these Reserves belongs to community/panchayat area. The important features of these Reserves are briefly described as below:-
● This Community Reserve is situated in Tehsil Garshakar in Hoshiarpur District and is spread over 1266.80 ha (3167 acres, 6 kanals) Lalwan Panchayat .
● This area was declared as Community Reserve in 2007.
● This Community Reserve is situated close to the District town of Gurdaspur and is spread over Panchayat Chhamb area consisting of 340.00 ha .
● This area was declared as Community Reserve in 2007.
● The area is swampy and belongs to Keshopur wetland that is on the verge of extinction.
● Migratory birds from Central Asia and Siberia visit this area in winter months.
3. Siswan Community Reserve
● This community Reserve is situated in Sahibjada Ajit Singh Nagar and is spread over3199.45 Acres of land.
● This area was declared as Commuity Reserve in 2017.


1. Rakh Sarai Amanat Khan Conservation Reserve
This Conservation Reserve is situated in Tarn Taran district and is spread over 1223 Acres of land.
This area was declared as Conservation Reserve in 2010 .
2. Ropar Wetland Conservation Reserve
This Conservation Reserve is situated in Ropar and is spread over 521.12 Acre of land.
This area was declared as Conservation Reserve in 2017.
3. Ranjit Sagar Dam Conservation Reserve
This Conservation Reserve is situated in Gurdaspur and is spread over 4559.71 Acre of land.
This area was declared as Conservation Reserve in 2017.
4. Beas River Conservation Reserve
This Conservation Reserve is situated in River Beas and is spread over River Beas with all its water channels from 52 Head Talwara to Harike Barrage including all Government areas in river Beas.This area was declared as Conservation Reserve in 2017.
Zoological Park-1
1) Mahindra Chaudhary Zoological Park or Chatt Bir Zoo:-
● Located near Zirakpur.
● Chhat Bir once shooting reserve of the Maharaja of Patiala, is today a wildlife heaven.
● It was on 13th April, 1977 that a Zoo was inaugurated here by the then Hon’ble Governor of Punjab Shri Mahendra Mohan Chaudhury, and it was christened as Mahendra Chaudhury Zoological Park.
● A lion safari, a drive-in deer safari, a shallow lake, landscaped lush green lawns and near-natural forest environment are the hallmarks of this zoo.
● This zoo houses about 82 species of reptiles/animals/birds, some of which are rare and endangered
● Ludhiana Zoo is located on Ludhiana-Jalandhar road.
● This zoo was previously called Tiger Safari.
● This zoo is spread over an area of 8 ha.
● The total livestock position in this zoo is around 150.
● The three Deer Parks in the State are now termed as Mini Zoos. The detail of which is as under:
1. Mini Zoo (Deer Park) Bir Moti Bagh, Patiala
● This Mini Zoo is situated at a distance of 5 Km. from Patiala city on Patiala-Dakala Road.
● It is located in compartment No. 10 of Bir Moti Bagh Sanctuary, Patiala.
● The total livestock position in this mini zoo is around 350.
2. Mini Zoo (Deer Park) Bir Talab, Bathinda
● This Mini Zoo is situated approximately 5 km from Bathinda City.
● It is located in Bir Talab forest area.
● The Deer Park is surrounded by a boundary wall.
● The total livestock position in this mini zoo is around 250.
3. Mini Zoo (Deer Park) Neelon
● This Mini Zoo is located on the Banks of Sirhind canal.
● It is 5 km from Samrala Town and 20 km from Ludhiana City.
● The total livestock position in this mini zoo is around 180.
Wetlands Of Punjab
Wetlands are dynamic aquatic ecosystems found all over the world. A wetland is an area of land that is saturated with water either permanently or seasonally. Wetlands can be freshwater, brackish(partly salty), or saline (very salty).
• Punjab has total 21 wetlands
• 12 natural
• 9 man-made
• Categorization of Wetlands Of Punjab
• Wetlands of International Importance
• Wetlands of National Importance
• State Wetlands
• Other identified Wetlands
Wetlands of International Importance : 3
1. Harike Wetland
2. Kanhji wetland
3. Ropar Wetland
1) Harike Wetland (Man-made)
• Also known as “Hari-ke-Pattan” largest fresh water wetland in Northern India
• Area: 4,100 ha (Kapurthala, Tarn Taran and Ferozepore Distrcits).
• In the border of Tarn Taran Sahib district and Ferozepur district and Kapurthala district of Punjab state.
• It came into existence in 1952 and is located downstream of the confluence of Beas and Sutlej rivers.
2) Kanjli Wetland (man made)
• Located in Kapurthala
• Area: 1.83 sq km (Kapurthala District)
• Created in 1970
• designated as wetland of interNational Importance in 2002
3) Ropar Wetland (man made)
Area: 135 ha (Ropar District)
Created in 1887 at Satluj River near Ropar city
designated as wetland of interNational Importance in 2002
➔ Wetlands of National Importance : 2
• Ranjit Sagar Wetland
• Nangal Wetland
1) Ranjit Sagar wetland (man made)
● Located on river Ravi 24 km upstream of Madhopur headworks.
● 2006: designated as wetland of National Importance
2) Nangal Wetland
• Nangal Dam constructed on river Satluj forms an artificial lake called Nangal Lake
• 2008: declared as wetland of National Importance
• 2009: declared as wildlife sanctuary
➔State Wetland – 5
1. Jastarwal Wetland : natural ; Amritsar district
2. Kahnuwan Chamb Wetland : natural ; Gurdaspur District
3. Keshopur-Miani Wetland : natural ;Gurdaspur District
4. Mand- Bharthala wetland : Natural ;SBS Nagar
5. Dholbaha Reservoir wetland : manmade : Hoshiarpur district
• Aliwali Kotli : natural Amritsar district
• Bareta : natural ; Mansa district
• Narayangarh : natural ; Hoshiarpur district
• Sital Sagar : natural ; Hosiarpur district
• Rababsar : natural ; Kapurthala district
• Lobana : natural ; Patiala district
• Lehal Kalan : natural ; Sangrur district
• Gobindgarh Khokhar : natural ; Sangrur district
• Hussainiwala Reservoir : man made ;Ferozepur district
• Maili dam : man made ; Hoshiarpur district
• Mangrowal Dam : man made ; Hoshiarpur district
A Ramsar site is a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.
The Convention on Wetlands, known as the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental environmental treaty established in 1971 by UNESCO, which came into force in 1975.
Signed to preserve the ecological character of Wetlands.
There are 6 Ramsar sites in Punjab :-
1) Harike wetland – Tarn Taran district – declared in 1990
2) kanjli wetland – Kapurthala district – declared in 2002
3) Ropar wetland- Ropar district – declared in 2002
4) Keshopur- miani wetlands – Gurdaspur districts – declared in 2020
5) Nangal wildlife sanctuary – Roopnagar district – declared in 2020
6) Beas river conservation reserve – river Beas ( between Harike headworks to Talwara) – declared in 2020
Q 1) Which among the following is not a wetland of international importance?
A) Harike wetland
B) Kanji wetland
C) Ropar wetland
D) Ranjit sagar wetlands

Q2) Ropar wetland exists over which of the following river of Punjab?
A) At river beas
B) At the confluence of satluj and beas
C) At satluj river
D) None of the above

Q 3) The rights of people living inside which of the following sites are not affected?
A) Conservation reserve
B) Community reserve
C) Wildlife sanctuaries
D) both A and B

Q4) Which among the following is manmade wetland in Punjab?
A) Jastarwal wetlands
B) Dholbaha reservoir
C) Kahnuwan – chamb wetland
D) Kesopur – miani wetland

Q 4) Which among the following is NOT a Ramsar site in Punjab?
A) Nangal wildlife sanctuary
B ) Kesopur – miani wetland
C) Harike wetland
D) Ranjit sager wetland

Q1) -D
Q2) -C
Q3) -D
Q4) -B
Q5) -D

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NIC Recruitment 2020 Recruitment Notification Out Apply Online

Scientist B vacancy in NIC Recruitment 2020

NIC recently published Scientist B recruitment notification 2020; Check all details here and apply on/before 26-03-2020.
NIC February 2020 Notification Details
Scientist B B.Tech/B.E, M.Sc, M.E/M.Tech, MCA, M.Phil/Ph.D
Job Location New Delhi
Total Vacancies 288
Date Added 24/02/2020
Last Date to Apply 26/03/2020

Scientific / Technical Assistant vacancy in NIC Recruitment 2020

NIC recently published Scientific / Technical Assistant recruitment notification 2020; Check all details here and apply on/before 26-03-2020.
NIC February 2020 Notification Details
Scientific / Technical Assistant B.Tech/B.E, M.Sc, MCA, MS
Job Location New Delhi
Total Vacancies 207
Date Added 24/02/2020
Last Date to Apply 26/03/2020

NIC Scientific / Technical Assistant Recruitment 2020 Qualification Details:

1. Position: Scientific/Technical Assistant – ‘A’ Group ‘B’ (S&T ) Level-6 : (Rs.35400- Rs.112400)

2. Qualification: Scientific/Technical Assistant- ‘A’ A Pass in M.Sc./MS/MCA/B.E./B.Tech in any one or in combination of below mentioned field as mentioned below:- Field (single or in combination amongst the below only): Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Electronics & telecommunications, Computer Science



1. Verification of requisite documents will be done at the time of the interview for the post of Scientist- ‘B’. Candidate will be interviewed only after verification of original documents to ascertain their eligibility for the post. For Scientific/Technical Assistant – ‘A’, Verification of documents will be done before joining.
2. Only short- listed candidates will be called for document verification.
3. Mere fulfilling of requirement as laid down in the advertisement does not qualify a candidate to be called for personal interaction/interview.
4. Interview: Shortlisted candidates shall be intimated about the date and venue by through SMS/e-mail communications to the registered email ID/Mobile phone by NIELIT

Important Instructions

1. Applications which are not in conformity with the requirement indicated in the advertisement, are liable to be rejected.
2. Candidates for the post of Scientist – ‘B’ at the time of interview shall bring the downloaded Interview Call Letter, self-attested copies of the testimonials along with their originals and NOC from their employer, if applicable, failing which they will not be allowed to appear in the interview.
3. Final Selection of candidates for appointment to the above mentioned positions will be based on meeting the prescribed eligibility criteria, the performance in the written examination and in interview (if applicable).
4. If at any point of time it is found that the information furnished by the candidate was incorrect in any respect or forged /fabricated documents were presented by any candidate, his/her candidature will be cancelled and in case the candidate has already joined the post, his services shall be summarily terminated.
5. Each candidate shall affix his/her recent color passport size photograph (of size 3.5 cms x 4.5 cms) on a White Paper and then append his/her signatures with Black Pen in another box of 3.5 cms x 1.5cms below the photograph on the same Paper.(sample at Annexure ‘C’) Scan the above photo and signature in a single file in JPG format of size not more than 50 KB, and resolution of 170px(width) X 250px(height). Upload the same at appropriate space provided in the on-line Application Form


National Informatics Centre, New Delhi,Delhi

Selection Procedure for NIC Scientific / Technical Assistant Recruitment 2020:

Selection will be done through a written examination and interview for Scientist ‘B’ Post and only
through written examination for Scientific/Technical Assistant – ‘A’ Post.
All eligible candidates who have successfully submitted the online application for Scientist-’B’
and Scientific/Technical Assistant – ‘A’ along with required fee & screened in, shall be called for
a written examination. Written Examination shall be of 3 hours duration conducted in English
medium only.
Scheme of written examination shall be Objective type and OMR Based.
The question paper for the written examination will consists of 65% questions from Technical
Area and 35% from Generic Area. There shall be a total of 120 objective type Questions consisting
of 78 questions from Technical Area (Computer Science) and 42 question on Generic area.

How to Apply for NIC Scientific / Technical Assistant Recruitment 2020?

1. Candidates are requested to apply only by ONLINE at between 26/02/2020 (10:00 A.M) &26/03/2020 (05:00 P.M). No other means/mode of application will be accepted. Candidates are required to have valid e-mail identification and active mobile number. The procedure/steps for filling up of applications online is briefed as under.
a. STEP 1: Registration with Email id
b. STEP 2: Submission of Application details.
c. STEP 3: Payment of application fee online (if applicable, see section 4.3 for details)
3. The application shall be treated as complete only if all the three mandatory steps (Step 1, Step2 and Step 3 (if applicable)) are completed successfully. In case, candidate is not able to submit fee by closing date and time, or the application is otherwise incomplete, his/her candidature will summarily be rejected and no further query or complaint will be entertained in this regard.
4. Applicant can view the Application details from the ‘View Application Option’ available on the home page by logging at with correct login credentials. Applicant is required to make sure that ‘Application Status’ on application form is “Application Submission Completed Successfully and Application Fee received” or “Application Submission Completed Successfully and Application Fee not Applicable” otherwise application will be treated as incomplete and summarily rejected and no further query or complaint will be entertained in this regard.





Latest Posts Notification In Punjab

53 Vacancy for District & Sessions Judge, Jalandhar -Clerk, Stenographer 2020

Name of the Post: District & Sessions Judge, Jalandhar -Clerk, Stenographer 2020 offline Form


Applications strictly in the enclosed prescribed performa, along with
attested copies of relevant testimonials, two recent passport size
photographs, out of which one should pasted on the application form are
invited to fill up following vacant posts of Clerk & Stenographer Grade III/
Steno-typists on adhoc basis, for a period of six months or till regular
appointments are made or till the existence of post, whichever is earlier, on
consolidated salary. Last date and time for receipt of application in this
office is 24.02.2020 up to 5.00 P.M. The qualification, Pay and other criteria
to fill up these posts is as under:-

Post Date: 12-02-2020

Total Vacancy: 53

Brief Information: District & Sessions Judge, Jalandhar -Clerk, Stenographer 2020.

Form Fee: Nil

Apply Mode: Through Offline Mode

Age: The Age of Candidate as on 01.02.2020 should be 18 to 37 years for General Category. Relaxation of age will be given to the candidates of reserved categories as per rules/instructions of the Hon’ble High Court as well as Punjab Government.

The Number of above said posts may be increased or decreased due to
administrative exigencies. In case of any administrative reason arising
later on, the recruitment for the aforesaid posts can be cancelled/
postponed and this office will not be responsible for the same. However,
notice in this regard will be notified on official website of this Office
“” (Jalandhar Page).
2. Preference will be given to Candidate having experience of Judicial
3. The posts of reserved category will be offered to the candidates of
General category in case no suitable candidate from the reserved
category is found available.
4. Merely satisfying the eligibility criteria do not entitle a candidate to be
selected. The undersigned reserves the right to alter/modify or change
any of the terms and conditions including selection criteria etc. spelt out
in the advertisement.
5. While mentioning marks obtained in the Educational Qualification
column of the application form grades should be converted in to
percentage by the applicant himself/ herself as per criteria of the
concerned board/ university/ equivalent institution and copy of the said
criteria should also be enclosed with the application form.
6. The Incomplete and incorrect application form and those which are not
in prescribed proforma shall be rejected summarily without any notice.
7. Applications received after 5:00 PM on 24.02.2020, either by post or
otherwise shall not be entertained.
8. In case any of the candidate is to apply for more than one post, he/ she
will have to submit separate application to each of the post completing
all the requirements.
9. No T.A./D.A. will be given to the candidates appearing for the test.
Encl: Application Performa Sd/-
District & Sessions Judge
Endst. No. 2150-54 Dated 13.02 2020
1. All the District & Sessions Judges, in the State of Punjab, through email
with the request to obtain and send the applications along with
service record of retrenched/surplus officials, if any to this office on or
before the date mentioned above.
2. The District Employment Officer, Employment Exchange Jalandhar,
Nakodar & Phillaur for sending the list of eligible candidates
mentioning the details as required in the enclosed Application
Performa by the last date mentioned above. If list is not as desired the
same will not be considered.
3. All the Judicial Officers of this Sessions Division to display the notice
on the notice board of their respective Courts.
4. The District Sainik Welfare Officer, Ladowali Road, Jalandhar.
5. Detailed Advertisement be displayed on the Website of this Sessions
Division by the concerned official and on Notice Board of this Office by
the concerned Daftri.

Download Notification :

Download Form :





DFCCIL Asst Manager, Jr Manager & Executive Online Form 2020 Read more: DFCCIL Recruitment 2020 – Apply Online for 54 Asst Manager, Jr Manager & Executive Posts

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) has announced a notification for the recruitment of Asst Manager, Jr Manager, Executive vacancies. Those Candidates who are interested in the vacancy details & completed all eligibility criteria can read the Notification & Apply Online.

Application Fee

  • For Sl No 1 & 2 (UR/OBC-NCL/EWS): Rs. 1000/- Bank charges + GST
  • For Sl No 3 (UR/OBC-NCL/EWS): Rs. 900/- Bank charges + GST
  • For SC/ST/PwBD/Ex-Servicemen candidates: NIL
  • Payment Mode: Online

Important Dates

  • Starting Date for Apply Online: 15-02-2020
  • Last Date to Apply Online: 15-03-2020 upto 23:45 hrs
  • Tentative Date of Computer Based Exam: Last week of April 2020

Age Limit (as on 01-01-2020)

  • For Sl No 1 & 3: 18 to 30 Years
  • For Sl No 2: 18 to 27 Years
  • Age relaxation is admissible as per rules.

1.Assistant Manager -30  Post

CA/ CMA/ MBA/ MCA/ M.Tech (CS)/ B.E./ B.Tech/ AMIE (Relevant Discipline)

2.Jr. Manager -04

MBA/ PGDBA/ PGDBM (HR/ Personnel Management)


BBA (HR/ Personnel Management), B.E/ B.Tech/ AMIE (CS/ IT/ Electronics/ Electronics & Communications)

Apply Online:Registration | Login

Notification:Click Here
Official Website:Click Here

Latest Posts POLITY AND CONSTITUTION Punjab Patwari

Modern & Medieval History || for NTPC-PSEB CLERK-PPSC-PATWARI-PSSSB-SSC

Q1. The offsprings of which Mughal emperor were born in a Sufi’s Khanqah instead of the Mughal haram?
(a) Humayun
(b) Akbar
(c) Shahjahan
(d) Aurangzeb

Q2. Historian Abul Fazal was killed by
(a) Hemu
(b) Bairam Khan
(c) Udai Singh
(d) Bir Singhdeo Bundela

Q3.Which among the following was also known as Bandobast system?
(a) Zabti
(b) parukh
(c) Nasaq
(d) Kankut

Q4. Why is Rann of Kutch of India famous for?
(a) Tidal and flats
(b) Fertile soil
(c) Dense Vegetation
(d) All are correct

Q5. What is the position of the Earth when it is at the greatest distance from the sun?
(a) Aphelion
(b) Apogee
(c) Perihelion
(d) Perigee

Q6. The Yellow river passes through which country?
(a) Russia
(b) China
(c) USA

Q7. Capital City of Myanmar is _________.
(a) Naypyidaw
(b) Yangon
(c) Rangoon
(d) Thimphu

Q8. What is the capital of Argentina?
(a) Buenos Aires
(b) Copenhagen
(c) Vienna
(d) Ottawa

Q9. Achras sapote is the scientific name of
(a) Custard Apple
(b) Gulmohar
(c) Tamarind
(d) Chiku

Q10. Prawn belongs to the phylum
(a) Arthropoda
(b) Cnidaria
(c) Echinodermata
(d) Chordata

Sol. Akbar son Jahangir born in a Sufi’s Khanqah instead of the Mughal haram. Jahangir was eldest son of akbar.
Sol. Abu’l Fazl was assassinated while he was returning from the Deccan by Vir Singh Bundela between Sarai Vir and Antri in a plot contrived by Akbar’s eldest son Prince Salim.
Sol Akbar introduced the Dahasala or Zabati system of land revenue collection in 1580-82 to alleviate the problems arising due to fixing prices every year and doing settlements of revenues of previous years.In this system, average produce of ten years was derived. One third of this average produce was fixed in Rupees per Bigha and fixed as share of the state (Mal). Rest two third share was left to the cultivators (Kharaj).
S4. Ans.(a)
Sol.The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India. It is famous for tidal and flats
S5. Ans.(a)
Sol.The aphelion is the point in the orbit of an object where it is farthest from the Sun.
S6. Ans.(b)
Sol.Yellow river passes through China.
S7. Ans.(a)
Sol.Capital City of Myanmar is Naypyidaw.
S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires.
S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Achras sapote is the scientific name of Chiku.
S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. Prawn belongs to the phylum Arthropoda

Latest Posts Punjab Patwari PUNJABI GRAMMAR

ਬਹੁਤੇ ਸ਼ਬਦਾਂ ਦੀ ਥਾਂ ਇੱਕ ਸ਼ਬਦ || ਬਹੁਤੇ ਸ਼ਬਦਾਂ ਦੀ ਥਾਂ ਇੱਕ ਸ਼ਬਦ (One Word Substitution)


ਬਹੁਤੇ ਸ਼ਬਦਾਂ ਦੀ ਥਾਂ ਇੱਕ ਸ਼ਬਦ

ਜਿਹੜਾ ਬਹੁਤੀ ਵਿੱਦਿਆ ਪੜ੍ਹਿਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਵਿਦਵਾਨ ਜਿਹੜਾ ਦੋ ਆਦਮੀਆਂ ਵਿਚਕਾਰ ਗੱਲ-ਬਾਤ ਕਰਾਵੇ ਵਿਚੋਲਾ ਵਿਸ਼ਵਾਸ ਦੁਆ ਕੇ ਫਿਰ ਜਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਵਿਸਾਹ-ਘਾਤੀ ਯੋਧਿਆਂ ਦੀ ਮਹਿਮਾ ਵਿਚ ਲਿਖੀ ਗਈ ਬਿਰਤਾਂਤਕ ਕਵਿਤਾ ਵਾਰ ਮੌਤ ਤੋਂ ਪੂਰੇ ਸਾਲ ਬਾਅਦ ਓਹੀ ਤਰੀਕ ਵਰ੍ਹੀਣਾ ਵਿਆਹ ਤੋਂ ਪੂਰੇ ਸਾਲ ਬਾਅਦ ਓਹੀ ਤਰੀਕ ਵਰ੍ਹੇਜ ਸਾਲ ਪਿੱਛੋਂ ਆਈ ਜਨਮ ਦੀ

ਬਹੁਤੇ ਸ਼ਬਦਾਂ ਦੀ ਥਾਂ ਇੱਕ ਸ਼ਬਦ (One Word Substitution)

ਜਿਹੜਾ ਬਹੁਤੀ ਵਿੱਦਿਆ ਪੜ੍ਹਿਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਵਿਦਵਾਨ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਦੋ ਆਦਮੀਆਂ ਵਿਚਕਾਰ ਗੱਲ-ਬਾਤ ਕਰਾਵੇ ਵਿਚੋਲਾ
ਵਿਸ਼ਵਾਸ ਦੁਆ ਕੇ ਫਿਰ ਜਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਵਿਸਾਹ-ਘਾਤੀ
ਯੋਧਿਆਂ ਦੀ ਮਹਿਮਾ ਵਿਚ ਲਿਖੀ ਗਈ ਬਿਰਤਾਂਤਕ ਕਵਿਤਾ ਵਾਰ
ਮੌਤ ਤੋਂ ਪੂਰੇ ਸਾਲ ਬਾਅਦ ਓਹੀ ਤਰੀਕ ਵਰ੍ਹੀਣਾ
ਵਿਆਹ ਤੋਂ ਪੂਰੇ ਸਾਲ ਬਾਅਦ ਓਹੀ ਤਰੀਕ ਵਰ੍ਹੇਜ
ਸਾਲ ਪਿੱਛੋਂ ਆਈ ਜਨਮ ਦੀ ਓਹੀ ਤਰੀਕ ਵਰ੍ਹੇ-ਗੰਢ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਦਿਲ ਖੋਲ੍ਹ ਕੇ ਦਾਨ ਕਰੇ ਉਦਾਰਚਿਤ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਸਹਾਰਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਸਹਿ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਕੱਟਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਕੱਟ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕਿਸੇ ਦੀ ਕੀਤੀ ਹੋਈ ਨੇਕੀ ਨਾ ਜਾਣੇ ਅਕ੍ਰਿਤਘਣ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕਿਸੇ ਦੀ ਕੀਤੀ ਜਾਣੇ ਕ੍ਰਿਤੱਗ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਜੂਆ ਖੇਡਣ ਦੀ ਆਦਤ ਪੈ ਜਾਏ ਜੁਆਰੀਆ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਸ਼ਰਾਬ ਪੀਣ ਦੀ ਆਦਤ ਪੈ ਜਾਏ ਸ਼ਰਾਬੀ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਵੱਢੀ ਲੈਣ ਦੀ ਆਦਤ ਪੈ ਜਾਏ ਵੱਢੀ-ਖੋਰ
ਉਹ ਕੰਮ ਜੋ ਬਿਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਕੁਝ ਲਏ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਏ ਵਗਾਰ
ਉਹ ਜਾਇਦਾਦ ਜੋ ਵੱਡੇ-ਵਡੇਰਿਆਂ ਪਾਸੋਂ ਮਿਲੇ ਵਿਰਸਾ
ਉਹ ਪਾਠ ਜੋ ਅਰੰਭ ਤੋਂ ਲੈ ਕੇ ਅੰਤ ਤੱਕ ਅਰੁਕ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਏ ਅਖੰਡ-ਪਾਠ
ਉਹ ਥਾਂ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਪਹਿਲਵਾਨ ਘੋਲ ਕਰਦੇ ਹਨ ਅਖਾੜਾ
ਜਿਸਨੂੰ ਕਿਸੇ ਵੀ ਚੀਜ ਦਾ ਗਿਆਨ ਨਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਅਗਿਆਨੀ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਹਰ ਚੀਜ ਦਾ ਗਿਆਨ ਹੋਵੇ ਗਿਆਨੀ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਜਿੱਤਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਜਿੱਤ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕਦੇ ਨਾ ਥੱਕੇ ਅਣਥੱਕ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਅਣਖ ਰੱਖਦਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਅਣਖੀਲਾ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਦਿਲ ਦੀਆਂ ਜਾਣੇ ਅੰਤਰਯਾਮੀ
ਮੌਤ ਤੋਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਜਾਇਦਾਦ ਸਬੰਧੀ ਲਿਖਤ ਵਸੀਅਤ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਅੰਨ੍ਹੇ-ਵਾਹ ਦੂਜਿਆਂ ਦੇ ਮਗਰ ਲੱਗੇ ਲਾਈ-ਲੱਗ
ਅਮਨ-ਚੈਨ ਦੀ ਅਣਹੋਂਦ ਰਾਮ-ਰੌਲਾ
ਉਹ ਰਾਜ ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਸਭ ਦੁਖੀ ਹੋਣ ਰਾਵਣ-ਰਾਜ
ਉਹ ਰਾਜ ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਸਭ ਸੁਖੀ ਹੋਣ ਰਾਮ-ਰਾਜ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕਦੇ ਨਾ ਟੁੱਟੇ ਅਟੁੱਟ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਨਾ ਦਿਸੇ ਅਦਿਸ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕਦੇ ਵੀ ਕੋਈ ਭੁੱਲ ਨਾ ਕਰੇ ਅਭੁੱਲ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਮੇਟਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਮਿੱਟ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਮਿਣਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਮਿੱਤ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਮੋੜਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਮੋੜ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਰੋਕਿਆ ਨਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਰੁਕ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਜਾਣਿਆ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ ਅਲੱਖ
ਉਹ ਜਖਮ ਜੋ ਕੱਚਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਅੱਲਾ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸੁਭਾਅ ਵਜੋਂ ਮਸਤ-ਮਲੰਗ ਹੋਵੇ ਅਲਬੇਲਾ
ਉਹ ਮਰਦ ਜਿਸ ਦੀ ਪਤਨੀ ਮਰ ਗਈ ਹੋਵੇ ਰੰਡਾ
ਉਹ ਔਰਤ ਜਿਸ ਦਾ ਪਤੀ ਮਰ ਗਿਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਵਿਧਵਾ, ਰੰਡੀ
ਉਹ ਔਰਤ ਜਿਸ ਦਾ ਪਤੀ ਜਿਊਂਦਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਸੁਹਾਗਣ
ਉਹ ਥਾਂ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਯਤੀਮਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਰੱਖਿਆ ਜਾਏ ਯਤੀਮ-ਖਾਨਾ
ਜਿਸ ਦੇ ਮਾਪੇ ਮਰ ਗਏ ਹੋਣ ਯਤੀਮ
ਹਿੱਸੇ ਤੇ ਜਮੀਨ ਲੈ ਕੇ ਵਾਹੀ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲਾ ਕਿਸਾਨ ਮੁਜ਼ਾਰਾ
ਲਾ ਕੇ ਕਹੀ ਕੋਈ ਗੱਲ ਮਿਹਣਾ
ਉਹ ਗੱਡੀ ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਕੇਵਲ ਮਾਲ-ਅਸਬਾਬ ਹੀ ਲੱਦਿਆ ਜਾਏ ਮਾਲ-ਗੱਡੀ
ਉਹ ਜ਼ਮੀਨ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਦੂਰ ਤੱਕ ਬਿਰਖ-ਝਾੜੀਆਂ ਹੀ ਹੋਣ ਜੰਗਲ
ਉਹ ਜ਼ਮੀਨ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਦੂਰ ਤੱਕ ਰੇਤ ਹੀ ਰੇਤ ਹੋਵੇ ਮਾਰੂਥਲ
ਉਹ ਜ਼ਮੀਨ ਜੋ ਮੀਂਹ ਦੇ ਆਸਰੇ ਫਸਲ ਦੇਵੇ ਮਾਰੂ
ਉਹ ਬੋਲੀ ਜੋ ਲਿਖਤ ਲਈ ਵਿਦਵਾਨਾਂ ਨੇ ਅਪਣਾਈ ਹੋਵੇ ਟਕਸਾਲੀ ਬੋਲੀ, ਸਾਹਿਤਕ ਬੋਲੀ
ਉਹ ਬੋਲੀ ਜੋ ਕਿਸੇ ਖਾਸ ਇਲਾਕੇ ਦੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਉਪ-ਬੋਲੀ
ਉਹ ਬੋਲੀ ਜੋ ਮਾਂ ਦੇ ਦੁੱਧ ਨਾਲ ਸਿੱਖੀ ਜਾਏ ਮਾਤ-ਬੋਲੀ, ਮਾਤ-ਭਾਸ਼ਾ
ਜਿਹੜੀ ਚੀਜ਼ ਕਿਸੇ ਤੋਂ ਮੰਗੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਮਾਂਗਵੀਂ
ਮਾਸ ਨਾ ਖਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਵੈਸ਼ਨੂੰ
ਮਾਸ ਖਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਮਾਸਾਹਾਰੀ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸਦਾ ਚੜ੍ਹਦੀ ਕਲਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਰਹੇ ਆਸ਼ਾਵਾਦੀ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸਦਾ ਢਹਿੰਦੀ ਕਲਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਰਹੇ ਨਿਰਾਸ਼ਾਵਾਦੀ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕਿਸੇ ਕਾਨੂੰਨ ਦੀ ਪ੍ਰਵਾਹ ਨਾ ਕਰੇ ਆਕੀ
ਆਪਣੇ-ਆਪ ਨੂੰ ਮਾਰ ਲੈਣਾ ਆਤਮ-ਘਾਤ
ਉਹ ਪੁਸਤਕ ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਲਿਖਾਰੀ ਵੱਲੋਂ ਉਸ ਦੀ ਆਪਣੀ ਜੀਵਨੀ ਲਿਖੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਆਤਮ ਕਥਾ, ਸ੍ਵੈ-ਜੀਵਨੀ
ਉਹ ਗੱਲ ਜਿਹੜੀ ਆਪਣੇ-ਆਪ ਨਾਲ ਬੀਤੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਆਪ-ਬੀਤੀ, ਹੱਡ-ਬੀਤੀ
ਉਹ ਗੱਲ ਜਿਹੜੀ ਦੁਨੀਆਂ ਨਾਲ ਬੀਤੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਜੱਗ-ਬੀਤੀ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸਾਰਿਆਂ ਤੋਂ ਵੱਖਰਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਅਲੇਪ
ਜਦ ਮੀਂਹ ਦੀ ਘਾਟ ਹੋ ਜਾਏ ਔੜ
ਜਿਸਦੀ ਕੋਈ ਔਲਾਦ ਨਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਔਂਤਰਾ
ਜਿਸਦੀ ਔਲਾਦ ਹੋਵੇ ਸੌਂਤਰਾ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਬਹੁਤੀਆਂ ਕੌਮਾਂ ਜਾਂ ਦੇਸ਼ਾਂ ਦਾ ਸਾਂਝਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਅੰਤਰ-ਰਾਸ਼ਟਰੀ, ਕੌਮਾਂਤਰੀ
ਜਿਸਨੇ ਧਰਮ ਹਿਤ ਜਾਨ ਦਿੱਤੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਸ਼ਹੀਦ
ਉਹ ਇਸਤਰੀ ਜੋ ਪਤੀ ਨਾਲ ਸੜ ਕੇ ਮਰੇ ਸਤੀ
ਉਹ ਅਖ਼ਬਾਰ ਜੋ ਹਫ਼ਤੇ ਬਾਅਦ ਨਿਕਲੇ ਸਪਤਾਹਿਕ
ਸੱਪ ਦਾ ਬੱਚਾ ਸਪੋਲੀਆ
ਜਿਹੜੇ ਇੱਕ ਸਮੇਂ ਹੋਣ ਸਮਕਾਲੀ
ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਨਵੀਆਂ ਤੇ ਉਸਾਰੂ ਰੁਚੀਆਂ ਹੋਣ ਅਗਰਗਾਮੀ
ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਸਭ ਸ਼ਕਤੀਆਂ ਹੋਣ ਸਰਬ-ਸ਼ਕਤੀਮਾਨ
ਜਦ ਸਾਰਿਆਂ ਦੀ ਇੱਕ ਰਾਏ ਹੋਵੇ ਸਰਬ-ਸੰਮਤੀ
ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਹਰ ਗੱਲ ਦਾ ਪਤਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਸਰਬ-ਗਿਆਤਾ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸਭ ਕੁਝ ਖਾ ਜਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਸਰਬ-ਭੱਖੀ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਹਰ ਥਾਂ ਤੇ ਪਾਇਆ ਜਾਵੇ ਸਰਬ-ਵਿਆਪਕ
ਸੋਨੇ ਚਾਂਦੀ ਦਾ ਵਪਾਰ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲਾ ਸਰਾਫ਼
ਹੀਰੇ-ਜਵਾਹਰਾਤ ਦਾ ਵਪਾਰ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲਾ ਜੌਹਰੀ
ਲੋਕਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਵਿਆਜ ਤੇ ਰੁਪਿਆ ਦੇਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਸ਼ਾਹ
ਜੋ ਵਿਆਜ ਤੇ ਰੁਪਿਆ ਲਵੇ ਸਾਮੀ
ਉਹ ਥਾਂ ਜਿਹੜੀ ਸਾਰੇ ਪਿੰਡ ਦੀ ਸਾਂਝੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਸ਼ਾਮਲਾਟ
ਉਹ ਰਾਜ-ਪ੍ਰਬੰਧ ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਦੂਜਿਆਂ ਤੇ ਹਕੂਮਤ ਕੀਤੀ ਜਾਏ ਸਾਮਰਾਜ
ਦੂਜਿਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਅਧੀਨ ਰੱਖ ਕੇ ਰਾਜ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲਾ ਸਾਮਰਾਜੀ
ਉਹ ਰਾਜ-ਪ੍ਰਬੰਧ ਜਿਸ ਵਿੱਚ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਦੇ ਚੁਣੇ ਹੋਏ ਪ੍ਰਤੀਨਿਧ ਰਾਜ ਕਰਨ ਲੋਕ-ਰਾਜ
ਲੋਕਾਂ ਦੇ ਪ੍ਰਤੀਨਿਧਾਂ ਦੀ ਕਾਨੂੰਨ ਬਣਾਉਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਸਭਾ ਲੋਕ-ਸਭਾ
ਉਹ ਥਾਂ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਮੁਰਦਿਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਸਾੜਿਆ ਜਾਏ ਸਿਵੇ, ਮੜ੍ਹੀਆਂ, ਸ਼ਮਸ਼ਾਨ ਭੂਮੀ
ਉਹ ਥਾਂ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਮੁਰਦਿਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਦਬਾਇਆ ਜਾਏ ਕਬਰਿਸਤਾਨ
ਆਪਣਾ ਉੱਲੂ ਸਿੱਧਾ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲਾ ਸੁਆਰਥੀ
ਗੁੱਝੇ ਭੇਦਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਲੱਭਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਸੂਹੀਆ
ਕਿਤਾਬਾਂ ਦੀ ਲਿਸਟ ਸੂਚੀ-ਪੱਤਰ
ਲੜਾਈ ਵਿੱਚ ਨਿਡਰਤਾ ਨਾਲ ਲੜਨ ਵਾਲਾ ਸੂਰਮਾ
ਉਹ ਆਦਮੀ ਜੋ ਬਿਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਕੁਝ ਲਏ ਸੇਵਾ ਕਰੇ ਸੇਵਾਦਾਰ
ਪਤੀ ਦੀ ਵਿਆਹੀ ਹੋਈ ਦੂਜੀ ਤੀਵੀਂ ਸੌਂਕਣ
ਕਿਸੇ ਖਾਸ ਆਦਮੀ ਕੋਲੋਂ ਮਿਲਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਹੱਥਲ
ਉਹ ਜਿਸ ਨੂੰ ਸਭ ਪਿਆਰ ਕਰਨ ਹਰਮਨ-ਪਿਆਰਾ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਤੇ ਜੁਲਮ ਕਰੇ ਹੈਂਸਿਆਰਾ
ਸੋਨੇ ਨੂੰ ਪਰਖਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਪੱਥਰ ਕਸਵੱਟੀ, ਕਸੌਟੀ
ਧਾਰਮਿਕ ਪੱਖ-ਪਾਤ ਰੱਖਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਕੱਟੜ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਪੈਸੇ ਨਾ ਖਰਚੇ ਕੰਜੂਸ, ਸੂਮ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਕੰਮ ਤੋਂ ਜੀਅ ਚੁਰਾਵੇ ਕੰਮਚੋਰ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸ਼ਕਲੋਂ ਭੈੜਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਕਰੂਪ, ਰੂਪਹੀਣ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਸ਼ਕਲੋਂ ਸੁਹਣਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਸਰੂਪ, ਰੂਪਵਾਨ
ਉਹ ਧਰਤੀ ਜਿਸ ਵਿਚ ਸ਼ੋਰਾ ਹੋਵੇ ਕੱਲਰ
ਉਹ ਧਰਤੀ ਜੋ ਰੇਤਲੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਮੈਰਾ
ਹੱਥੀਂ ਕੰਮ ਕਰਕੇ ਰੋਟੀ ਖਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਕਿਰਤੀ
ਵਿਹਲੀਆਂ ਖਾਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਵਿਹਲੜ
ਉਹ ਆਦਮੀ ਜਿਸ ਦਾ ਵਡੇਰੀ ਉਮਰ ਵਿਚ ਮਰ ਗਿਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਛੜਾ
ਉਹ ਕੁੜੀ ਜਿਸ ਦਾ ਪਤੀ ਨਿੱਕੀ ਉਮਰ ਵਿਚ ਨਰ ਗਿਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਬਾਲ-ਵਿਧਵਾ
ਦੂਜਿਆਂ ਦਿਆਂ ਕੰਮਾਂ ਵਿਚ ਖਾਹ-ਮਖ਼ਾਹ ਦਖ਼ਲ ਦੇਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਖੜਪੈਂਚ
ਚਿਰ ਦੀ ਸੂਈ ਹੋਈ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਖਾਂਘੜ
ਦੁੱਧ ਦੇਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਲਵੇਰੀ
ਉਹ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਜਿਸ ਦੀ ਧਾਰ ਸੌਖੀ ਨਿਕਲ ਸਕੇ ਖਿੱਲ
ਉਹ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਜਿਸ ਦੀ ਧਾਰ ਸੌਖੀ ਨਾ ਨਿਕਲ ਸਕੇ ਘਰੂੜ
ਉਹ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਜਿਹੜੀ ਨਾਗੇ ਪਾ ਕੇ ਦੁੱਧ ਦੇਵੇ ਤੋਕੜ
ਉਹ ਮੱਝ ਜਾਂ ਗਊ ਜੋ ਹਰ ਸਾਲ ਸੂਏ ਹਰਵਰਿਆਈ
ਜਿਹੜਾ ਬਹੁਤੀਆਂ ਗੱਲਾਂ ਕਰੇ ਗਾਲੜੀ, ਗਲਾਧੜ


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Oscar Awards 2020: Complete lists of the 92nd Academy Awards for PPSC-PATWARI-NTPC-PSSSB

Dear Students,

we are providing a list of awardee. The 2020 Oscars Awards has announced in LOS ANGELESThe 92nd Academy Awards capped Hollywood’s award season this year. Once again, the Oscar ceremony went host-less. Presenters included last year’s winners Rami Malek, Olivia Colman, Regina King and Mahershala Ali. The 92nd chapter of Hollywood’s most prestigious annual awards shows, overseen by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Oscar Awards 2020

Category Name
Best Picture Parasite
Best Director Bong Joon-ho for Parasite
Best Actress Renee Zellweger for Judy
Best Actor Joaquin Phoenix for Joker
Best Supporting Actress Laura Dern for Marriage Story
Best Supporting Actor Brad Pitt for Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood
Best Original Screenplay Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won for Parasite
Best Adapted Screenplay Taika Waititi for Jojo Rabbit
Best Animated Feature Toy Story 4
Best International Feature Parasite (South Korea)
Best Documentary Feature American Factory
Best Documentary Short Learning To Skate In A Warzone (If You’re A Girl)
Best Live Action Short The Neighbors’ Window
Best Animated Short Hair Love
Best Original Score Joker
Best Original Song (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again from Rocketman
Best Sound Mixing 1917
Best Production Design Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
Best Cinematography 1917
Best Makeup and Hair Bombshell
Best Costume Design Little Women
Best Sound Editing Ford v Ferrari
Best Film Editing  Ford v Ferrari
Best Visual Effects 1917
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                         INDIAN HISTORY



 The first metal to be extensively used by the people in India was ______.
— Copper
 _______ was the first to discover the traces of the Harappan Civilisation.
— Daya Ram Sahani
 The utensils of the Indus Valley people were mainly made of ________.
— clay
 The most common animal figure found at all the Harappan sites is
________. — unihorn bull
 The term Aryan, Indo-Aryan or Indo-European denotes a _______
concept. — Linguistic
 According to the most widely accepted view, the Aryans originally came
from ______. — Central Asia
 ________ Veda was compiled first. — Rigveda
 _________ Veda deals with magic spells and witchcraft.
— Atharvaveda
 The Vedic religion along with its Later (Vedic) developments is actually
known as ________. — Brahmanism
 The Vedic Aryans first settled in the region of ________.—
 _____ Ved contains the famous Gayatrimantra. — Rigveda
 The famous Gayatrimantra is addressed to ______. — Savita
 Two highest gods in the Vedic religion were _____ and _______.
— Indra, Varuna
 Division of the Vedic society into four classes is clearly mentioned in
the ________ of Rigveda. — Purusa – sukta
 The normal form of government during the Vedic period was ________.
— monarchy
 Two popular Assemblies of the Vedic period were ______ and ______.
— Sabha, Samiti
 After the growth of the Vedic religion the most important development in
the history of the so-called Hinduism was the development of ________.
— Bhagavatism
 Bhagavatism refers to worship of ________. — Vasudeva Krishna
 Vaishnavism , a later development of Bhagavatism, advocates the worship
of ________. — Vishnu and his incarnations
 The founder of Jainism was ________. — Parsvanatha
 Vardhamana Mahavira the 24th Tirthankar of Jainism was born at
_________ and died at _________ — Kundagrama, Pava
 Of the five vows ( Panch Anuvratas) of Jainism four existed before
Mahavira. The one which he added was ________. — celibacy
 Jainism was divided into two sects-Swetambaras (White-clad) and
Digambaras (Sky-clad or naked) – During the reign of the ________.
— Mauryas
 The name Buddha means ________. — enlightened

 Buddhism was divided into Mahayana and Hinayana during the reign of
________. — Kanishka
 The great exponent of Mahayana Buddhism was ______.
— Nagarjuna
 Jatakas are the stories of _________. — Buddha’s previous lives
 Outside India, Buddhism was first accepted in _______.
— Sri Lanka
 When Alexander invaded India, Magadha was being ruled by the ________.
— Nandas
 The decline of the Nandas at the hands of Kautilya and Chandragupta
Maurya has been vividly portrayed in the Sanskrit play written by Kalidasa
is _______. — Malavikagnimitram
 The Mauryan sculptors had attained the highest perfection in the
carving of ________. — animal figures
 _______ usurped power from the Mauryas after killing the last Mauryan
ruler Brihadratha — Pushyamitra Sunga
 The most famous Indo-Greek ruler of India, famous for his sense of
justice and dialogues with a Buddhist monk Nagasena (as described in
the Buddhist work Milindpanho) was ________. — Menander
 The first great empire to the south of the Vindhayas was of the _______.
— Satavahanas
 Gautama Buddha was brought up by ______. — Mahaprajapati
 The phrase the ‘Light of Asia’ is applied to _______. — The Buddha
 The Eight-fold path was enunciated by _______. — The Buddha
 The Buddhist Doctrines were written in ______ language. — Pali
 The first Buddhist Council was held at _______. — Rajagriha
 Ashoka was much influenced by a Buddhist monk called _______.
— Upagupta
 Megasthenes visited India during the period of ______.
— Chandragupta Maurya
 Megasthenes was the Ambassador of ______. — Selukos Nikator
 “The Indica” was written by ______. — Megasthenes
 Mauryan Dynasty was founded by _______. — Chandragupta Maurya
 The Rig Veda consists of ________ hyms. — 1028
 _________ Veda is rendered musically. — Sama Veda
 ________ was the hero of a famous drama Malvikagnimitra written by
Kalidasa. — Agnimitra
 The duties of Dharmamahamatras are explained in the Minor Rock Edict
No ._______. — V
 The Vishnu Purana gives an account of ______ dynasty.
— Mauryan
 A well-organised State machinery was introduced for the first time by
_______. — the Mauryas
 The last Mauryan king was _______. — Brihadratha
 Bimbisara was succeeded by _______. — Ajatasatru
 The Upanishads are separated from the Brahmanas by treatises called
_______. — Aranyakas

 ‘Atman is everything and everything is Atman’ is the …… doctrine
— Pantheistic
 The salient feature of the Rig Vedic religion was worship of ________.
— Nature
 When Alexander invaded India, Texila was ruled by ________.—
 There are similarities between the seals found at Mohenjo-Daro and
……. — Sumeria
 Megasthenese was a Greek Ambassador sent to the court of the king ……
— Chandragupta Maurya
 Mudra Rakshasa was written by _______. — Visakadatta
 Dharmamahamatras were _________ during the Mauryans.
— Officials
 Kanva dynasty was established by _______. — Vasudeva
 Kharavela of Kalinga was a follower of the religion _______.—
 The capital of the king Kharavela of Kalinga was ______.
— Kalinganagara
 Buddha delivered his first sermon at _______. — Sarnath
 The Buddha attained Nirvana at _______. — Kusinagara
 The proceedings of the Third Buddhist Council led to the issue of
______ Edict. — Sarnath
 The most important Pahlava ruler was ________.
— Gondophernes
 St Thomas died a martyr at _______. — Madras
 The Capital of Kanishka Empire was _______. — Peshawar
 The fourth Buddhist Council was held at _____. — Kundalavana
 Alexander was the son of Philip II of ________. — Macedonia
 Porus was defeated by Alexander at the battle of _______.
— Hydaspes
 Alexander the Great died at _______. — Babylon
 The monolithic image of Jain Saint ‘Gomatiswara’ is at _______.
— Saravanabelgola
 _______ was the mother of Vardhamana Mahavira. — Trisala
 The Monk whom Chandragupta Maurya accompanied to South India was
________. — Bhadrabahu
 Megasthenes was succeeded by _______ as ambassador.
— Deimachos
 The Saka Era was founded by _______. — Kanishka
 The famous Indo-Greek King who embraced Buddhism was……..
— Menender
 Kanishka was the follower of ________. — Mahayanism
 The Sunga ruler Bhaga erected a monolithic ‘Garuda’ at _______.
— Besnagar
 Vardhamana Mahavira died at ______. — Pavapuri
 The city of Pataliputra was founded at the junction of the Ganges and
the _______. — Sone
The Nanda dynasty was established by _______. — Mahapadma
 Alexander was trained by _______. — Aristotle
 Vardhamana Mahavira was born at _______. — Kundagrama
 Bimbisara was succeeded by _________. — Ajatasatru
 Alexander sent back home a portion of his army under an admiral called
…… — Nearchos
 _______ was another name of Pataliputra — Kusumapura
 The founder of the Achaemenian Empire was ________. — Cyrus
 The most powerful ruler of the Cheras was ______. — Senguttuvan
 A temple for ‘Patini devi’ was constructed by ______. — Senguttuvan
 During the 4th century AD the Western Satraps were conquered by
the _______ rulers. — Sassanian
 Sudarsana lake was reconstructed by ______. — Rudradaman I
 The first ruler of the Satavahanas was _______. — Simuka
 Satavahana rule was extended to the Coromandal Coast by ________.
— Pulumayi II
 Chashtana was the Satraps of ______. — Malwa
 Srikakulam was the capital of _______. — Andhras
 The ancient Chola kingdom existed in the delta of the river _______.
— Cauvery
 The first Persian ruler who occupied part of Indian territory was ________.
— Cyrus
 The fourth and the last Buddhist Council held at Kashmir was convened
by _______. — Kanishka
 The first image of the Buddha was carved out during the reign of _______.
— Kanishka I
 _______ was the personal physician of Kanishka and also the author of a
famous treatise on the Indian system of medicine. — Charaka
 The worship of images (of Buddha) in India began during the period
________. — Kushana
 The last great ruling dynasty of Magadha was ________. — Gupta
 Kanishka is associated with an era which is known as ________.
— Saka era
 The greatest conqueror among the Gupta rulers was ________.
— Samudragupta
 The famous Mehrauli Iron Pillar Inscription describes the conquest of
______. — Chandragupta II
 The Gupta king who is known in the Indian legends as Vikramaditya
was _______. — Chandragupta II
 The Chinese traveller Fa-hien visited India and left a detailed account of
the reign of _______. — Chandragupta II
 The foremost astronomer and mathematician of the Gupta period was
______. — Aryabhatta
 The Chinese traveller Huen Tsang, called the Prince of Pilgrims visited
India during the reign of ______. — Harsha
 Harshacharita the biography of Harsha, was written by _______.
— Banabhatta

 Harsha was the last great royal patron of the religion ______.
— Buddhism
 Two great Buddhist universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila were
patronised by the ______ rulers. — Palas
 The Chahamana (or Chauhan) king who founded the city of Ajmer and
made it his capital was _______. — Ajayaraj
 Kalhana’s Rajatarangini is a work on the history of ______.
— Kashmir
 Of the four main Chalukya dynasties of early medieval India Pulkesin II,
who defeated Harsha, belonged to Chalukya dynasty of ________.
— Badami or Vatapi
 The capital of the Pallavas was ______. — Kanchi or Conjeevaram
 The foundation of the Dravidian style of architecture in South India was
laid by ______. — Pallavas
 The Pallava king responsible for carving the Rathas of Mahabalipuram
was ________. — Narsimhavarman
 The Chola king, who after successfully raiding Bengal took the title of
Gangaikonda and also founded a new capital (Gangaikonda Cholapuram)
was ______. — Rajendra I
 The masterpiece of Chola sculpture is the famous Nataraja or the Dancing
Shiva image at ______. — Chidambaram
 A contemporary rival dynasty of the Cholas in South India was ______.
— Pandyas of Madurai
 The Indian king who provided the most spirited and successful resistance
against Mahmud of Ghazni was _______.
— Chandela king Vidyadhar
 The Indian ruler who, unable to bear the humiliation of his defeat at the
hands of Mahmud of Ghazni burnt himself to death was _______.
— Shahi king Jayapala
 The famous ruler of ancient India who is said to have been converted to
Jainism, towards the end of his life, is _______. — Chandragupta
 The Harappan economy was primarily ________ in nature.
— Urban
 _______ was the first Muslim invader to enter India.
— Mohammed-bin-Qasim
 The best specimens of Mauryan art are represented by their _______.
— Pillars
 According to Strabo, the Tamil kingdom to first send emissaries to meet
Augustin in Athens in 20 BC, was _______. — Pandya
 The word ‘Veda’ has been derived from the root word ‘Vid’ which means
_______. — Knowledge
 The Kushan rule was brought to an end by _______.
— The Hindu Shahi Dynasty
 Ashoka has been particularly influenced by the Buddhist monk ________.
— Upagupta
 During Kanishka’s reign, the centre of political activity shifted from
Magadha to ______. — Purushapura (Peshawar)
 Name the Sultan who resorted to the extreme step of abolishing as many
as 24 taxes. — Firoze Tughlaq

 Who had got the Konark Sun Temple constructed?
— Narasimha Deva II
 In which language did Krishna Deva Raya, who was also a scholar of
repute, write the Amukta-Malyada? — Sanskrit
 Sultan Mahmud’s mission of plundering several temples for their wealth
included the famous __________ temple as well. — Somnath
 Whom did Muhammad Ghori kill in the Second Battle of Tarain?
— Prithviraj
 Who wrote Mrichchhakatika (Clay Cart)? — Sudraka
 After the partition of India, the largest number of Harappan towns and
settlements have been found in the state of ______. — Gujarat
 The Indus Valley Civilization can be said to belong to the _________ age.
— Bronze
 Who among the following used to hold a religious assembly at Prayag
every five year? — Harshvardhana
 Gautam Buddha as a prince was known as _______. — Siddhartha
 Architectural developments in India manifested themselves in their full
glory during the period of the ______. — Guptas
 The deep, transforming effect that the Kalinga War had on Ashoka has
been described in ________ edicts. — Rock
 The proud title of ‘Vikramaditya’ had been assumed by _______.
— Chandragupta II
 _______ was the first metal to be discovered and used as tools by humans?
— Copper
 The Upanishads are a series of books devoted to ______.
— Philosophy
 Which of the following temples has acquired the name of the Black
Pagoda? — Sun Temple
 Name the later Gupta ruler who had performed the Ashwamedha Yajna
(Horse Sacrifice) and assumed the imperial title of Maharajadhiraj?
— Adityasen
 With what subject does the Mitakshara deal? — Law
 By whom had the Stupa at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh been built?
— Ashoka
 The author of Ashtadhyayai is _______. — Panini
 In the Rigvedic period, after the king the next most important functionary
of the state was the _______. — Purohita
 The concluding portions of the Brahmanas are called the _______.
— Satpathas
 What does the Yajur Veda contain? — Hymns and rituals
 The Mahajanapada that acquired prominence to become an empire was
that of ______. — Magadha
 What is the present name of Dwara Samudra, the ancient capital of the
Hoysalas? — Halebid
 The Ajanta cave paintings mostly belong to the period of the ________.
— Guptas
 Who was the founder of the Sankhya School of philosophy?
— Kapila

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Punjab Revenue Patwari Study Material | Download Notes for Punjab Revenue Patwari Exam 2020

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Revenue Patwari Syllabus 2016 | Download Latest Exam Pattern
  • Punjab History 
  • Mental Ability
  • Arithmetic Skills (Mensuration and Accounts)
  • English Language
  • Punjabi Language
  • Computer Awareness
  • Agriculture

With the help of these notes, candidates can easily obtain 70+ marks in Punjab Revenue Patwari exam 2016. Selection of candidate will based on this written test only. Recruitment authority will conduct written examination in 1st or 2nd week of November 2016. So candidates can prepare this exam thoroughly. So that they can obtain more marks in Patwari exam


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